Archangel Lessons

In these Free lessons, you will learn about the seven Archangels and how you can have them be of service to you to help you to improve in every area of your life.

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Chakra Lessons

Using the science of the body’s subtle energy system, these lessons show you how you can activate, balance, cleanse and master the chakras with spiritual exercises, visualizations and mantras.

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Karma Lessons

Understanding Karma and Reincarnation can help us to know the WHY of our relationships, aptitudes, assignments and purpose in this life. This will lead you to your AHA! moment.

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Summit University Freebies

Free units from various Summit University extension courses. Twin Flames and Soul Mates, Unveiled Mysteries, Cosmic Law, The Victory Way of Life and more.

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Violet Flame

The highest frequency of light, the mystical Violet Flame, contains the miracle of transmutation. Making this practical can be the key to healing at every level of being.

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