Video Channels


Watch videos about spiritual topics on platforms such as Youtube, etc.


Ascended Masters 101

Introductory videos about the Ascended Masters teachings.

© Kumara Creations

I AM Discourses YouTube Channel

These works were dictated to Guy Ballard by Saint Germain


Simone's Violet Flame Videos

A YouTube channel with Spiritual Videos about the violet flame recorded by Simone.

© Simone

Summit Lighthouse YouTube Channel

Universal truths form the foundation of the world's major religions. Take this wisdom of the ascended masters and accelerate your personal mystical path. Attain union with God through the ascension.


TSL Canada Youtube Channel

Videos for inspiration and instruction.

© Summit Lighthouse

TSL Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is made up of Lectures, Presentations, Songs, Devotions and Dictations that have occurred since the founding of the Summit Lighthouse Organization.