Calgary Teaching Centre

We're a spiritual Community bringing the teachings of the Ascended Masters to spiritual seekers in Calgary to restore and develop our own divinity through spiritual living, meditation, affirmations & decrees.

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Our Divine Potential

The Summit Lighthouse Virtual Group offers teachings, daily decree services and weekly study groups to support the seeker on their spiritual journey.


Shambhala Temple of Light

Participate here on internet live and recorded Streams of weekly introductory classes on teachings of the ascended masters, the laws of karma and reincarnation, the aura, chakras, the Violet Flame and the power of the word through decrees.

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Toronto Teaching Centre

As an outpost of the teachings of the Ascended Masters in the Toronto area, we are dedicated to assisting others' and our own spiritual discovery of the limitless power of our inner self.

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TSL Community

A worldwide community of like-minded souls, unified in purpose and separated only by time and space. Here you'll find Teaching Center and Study Group locations and information.

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