Introductory Resources




Archangel Lessons

In these Free lessons, you will learn about the seven Archangels and how you can have them be of service to you to help you to improve in every area of your life.

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Ascended Master Encyclopedia

From Atlantis to Zarathustra in nearly 1,800 articles, you'll find this treasure trove of knowledge a valuable asset for insight on your spiritual journey.

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Ascended Master Glossary

Looking for the meaning of a specific spiritual word or terminology? Look no further. You're bound to find a good understanding and spiritually satisfying answer here!

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Ascended Masters 101

Introductory videos about the Ascended Masters teachings.

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Chakra Lessons

Using the science of the body’s subtle energy system, these lessons show you how you can activate, balance, cleanse and master the chakras with spiritual exercises, visualizations and mantras.

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Free Violet Flame Ebook

Acquire a free ebook on the violet flame by signing up to the TSL newsletter


Higher Consciousness

Introductory page with a description of the Chart of the Presence.


I AM Discourses YouTube Channel

These works were dictated to Guy Ballard by Saint Germain


Karma Lessons

Understanding Karma and Reincarnation can help us to know the WHY of our relationships, aptitudes, assignments and purpose in this life. This will lead you to your AHA! moment.

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Keepers of the Flame Fraternity

Join the Keepers of the Flame to receive monthly lessons on spiritual law that will prepare you for the path of initiation. Be part of a worldwide group of students who receive the sponsorship of the ascended masters for dedication to bring light to earth.


Mark Prophet Modern Mystic

Read about the life of the remarkable Mark Prophet, modern mystic and founder of The Summit Lighthouse--his early life, contact with the ascended masters and many spiritual teachings, fireside chats and books.

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Masters and Keynotes part I

A keynote is a piece of music that links to the divine identity of an ascended master. It helps you tune in to their vibration and creates a channel to receive their blessings.

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Masters and Keynotes part II

A keynote is a piece of music that links to the divine identity of an ascended master. It helps you tune in to their vibration and creates a channel to receive their blessings.

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Our Divine Potential

The Summit Lighthouse Virtual Group offers teachings, daily decree services and weekly study groups to support the seeker on their spiritual journey.


Pearls of Wisdom

Access to pearls of wisdom which are the dictations of the Ascended Masters in their original printed format.

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Sanat Kumara Story

Listen to a musical meditation and read the ancient story of Sanat Kumara's coming to the earth to save the sons and daughters of God who had lost their spiritual moorings. Were you part of the 144,000 who came with Sanat Kumara? This is the story of the ages.

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Science of the Spoken Word

The Science of the Spoken Word as taught by the ascended masters and their messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a way to access the power of God. The science combines prayers, affirmations, mantras, meditations and visualizations with dynamic decrees.


Simone's Violet Flame Videos

A YouTube channel with Spiritual Videos about the violet flame recorded by Simone.

© Simone

Summit Lighthouse YouTube Channel

Universal truths form the foundation of the world's major religions. Take this wisdom of the ascended masters and accelerate your personal mystical path. Attain union with God through the ascension.


Summit University Freebies

Free units from various Summit University extension courses. Twin Flames and Soul Mates, Unveiled Mysteries, Cosmic Law, The Victory Way of Life and more.

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The Golden Pathway

Here are many Tools and Resources designed to help the spiritual seeker to find the keys to order, balance, and harmony as we each navigate your own personal journey!

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TSL Canada Youtube Channel

Videos for inspiration and instruction.

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TSL Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is made up of Lectures, Presentations, Songs, Devotions and Dictations that have occurred since the founding of the Summit Lighthouse Organization.


Universities of the Spirit

Where does your soul travel to when you are sleeping? You can request that it be the universities of the spirit where important lessons can be learned and blessings received.


Violet Flame

The highest frequency of light, the mystical Violet Flame, contains the miracle of transmutation. Making this practical can be the key to healing at every level of being.

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Your Divine Self

Learn about your divine self and how the Chart of the Presence depicts your spiritual present and future.